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    WHISKED is the result of my arts partnership with Molly Herrmann, chef and owner of Kitchen in the Market in the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. The book was created for the Artists in the Kitchen exhibition.


    In recognition of the culinary and cultural contributions of our immigrant community all net proceeds from the sale of WHISKED will be donated to the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota.


    Thanks for your interest in WHISKED!


    Camille J. Gage



    The story of WHISKED!

    (It's a food/art adventure featuring chefs, poets, farmers, artists and more!)

    Whisked: Cooking up Community was created for the Artists in the Kitchen exhibition. Hosted by the Textile Center, the exhibition was a partnership with the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs 25th Anniversary National Conference and paired women artists and chefs (many of whom had never met) to envision an artwork together which the artist would then render in the medium of her choice.


    Chef Molly Herrmann and I had never crossed paths, but quickly felt an affinity as we discovered our shared passion for the myriad ways that cooking and eating brings people together. The preparation of food not only reflects our values, traditions, and incredible diversity; it’s also an expression of love. A community-created cookbook seemed the perfect way to bring this passion to life for the Artists in the Kitchen exhibition.


    WHISKED contains nearly 100 full color pages of recipes with photographs, food inspired poetry, essays by chefs and growers, and more. Everything from Jametta Rasperry's Fool Proof Greens to Dream of Wild Health's

    Pasdayapi Salad to Lynne Rossetto Kasper's 21st Century Mac and Cheese; there are mouthwatering wonders on every page.


    Molly and I would like to thank the incredible growers, chefs, poets, bakers and community members who shared their recipes, stories, photographs, and writing. Without them, this book would not have been possible.


    Finally, gratitude and respect to the passionate and hardworking women everywhere who make our world go round in delightful, delicious style.


    Camille J. Gage

    Minneapolis, MN


    WHISKED Cooking up Community features Susan Andre, Kim Bartmann, Mecca Bos, Jenny Breen, Jessica Cak, Nettie Colon, Cookie Cart, LaChelle Cunningham, Beth Dooley, Dream of Wild Health, Beth Fisher & Caroline Glawe, Michelle Gayer, Manuel Gonzalez, Molly Herrmann, Mary and Dan Hunter, Beth Jones, Gavin Kaysen, Tasya Kelen, Ann Kim, Rosie Kimball, Nalini Mehta, Dulce Monterubbio, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Jametta Raspberry, Erica Strait, Dan Swenson-Klatt, Billy Tserenbat, Kristi Varner, Hassan Ziadi and poets Lisa Marie Brimmer, Paula Cisewski and Sagirah Shahid.


    In recognition of the amazing culinary and cultural contributions of our immigrant community all net proceeds from the sale of WHISKED will be donated to the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota.


    Special thanks for Anna Monahan for her technical skills, attention to detail, and commitment to seeing this book through to publication!



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  • WHISKED Gallery

    Chef Molly Herrmann

    Kitchen in the Market

    Co-editor of WHISKED; contributed recipes for Watermelon Rose Granita, Smoky Gazpacho, Rosemary & Cheddar Baked Polenta and more!

    Photo courtesy of Kitchen in the Market

    Pizzeria Lola's Roasted Cauliflower with Calabrian Chili

    Contributed by Ann Kim

    Photo courtesy of Ann Kim

    Manny's Special Torta

    Contributed by Manny Gonzalez

    Photo courtesy of Manny's Torta's

    Bakers at The Cookie Cart

    Contributed recipe for Sister Jean's Cookies

    Photo courtesy of Cookie Cart

    Susan Andre and Rosie Kimball

    Night Owl Farm

    Contributed recipes for Garlic Scape/Scallion Pesto and Shakashuka

    Photo courtesy of Night Owl Farm

    Chive Souffle' Roulade with Wild Rice Filling and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

    Contributed by Beth Fisher and Caroline Glawe

    Photo by Isabel Subtil

    Polvorones de Naranja

    Orange Shortbread Cookies

    Contributed by Dulce Monterrubio

    Photo courtesy of Dulce Monterrubio

    Nettie Colon

    Red Hen Gastrolab

    Contributed recipes for Chimichurri

    and Matambre Fire Pit Style

    Photo courtesy of Chef Camp 2017

    Okonomyaki Pancakes

    with Pickled Ramps

    Contributed by Mary and Dan Hunter

    Photo by Mary Hunter

    Four Sisters Pasdayapi Salad

    Contributed by Dream of Wild Health

    Photo courtesy of Dream of Wild Health

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